The Abbey 104 Team

Abbey 104 is the community radio station for Sherborne, Dorset, UK and the surrounding villages.

We have held a licence to broadcast on 104.7FM on your radio since 2013. We follow the guidelines and regulations of Ofcom, who grant broadcasting licences.

We are run entirely by volunteers who contribute to the costs of operating the station through their membership fees. We are also supported by business partners, who advertise with us and sponsor individual shows; through attending local festivals and fairs and through donations.

We have three Directors who undertake the day-to-day management as Officers of the station:


John Shearing, Director and Chairman
Sue in the studio
Sue Hill, Director and Secretary

Bob Ford, Director and Treasurer

John, Sue and Bob are supported by teams of members with special responsibilities:

  • Programme Controller: Phil Clements
  • Technical Team: Phil Clements: Dan Gruner, Nathan Derrick
  • Education and Safeguarding: Susan Boyce
  • Events Coordinator: Ken Greene
  • Training: Susan Boyce, Nathan Derrick, Sue Hill
  • Advertising and Business Partners: John Shearing and Phil Scrase
  • Administration Assistant: Dave Mountain
  • Social Media: Cathy Briggs
  • Housekeeping: Ken Greene, Mike Edwards
  • Website: Sue Hill and Max Chorley

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