Our carefully curated events bring people together, fostering connections, and creating unforgettable experiences. From charity fundraisers to cultural celebrations, we strive to be an integral part of the vibrant community we serve.

The Leweston School Jazz Group at the Abbey 104 stage outside Waitrose on Sherborne Festive Shopping Day December 2023.

Pack Monday Fair 2023 at the Abbey 104 tage at the Conduit.




John & Nick from Abbey104 presented a Partnership Plaque to Mark / Anne & Rebecca at Mill Farm Music.
Supporting Communifit 5K Run on 11 June 2023
The Abbey team at the Communifit 5K Colour Run at Lewiston School on 9 July 2023. Such Fun!
Abbey 104 team at Communifit Christmas Jumper run 11.12.22
The Abbey 104 team supporting the Communifit Christmas Jumper Fun Run 2022
Abbey 104 and friends at Yeovil Super Santa Saturday, December 2022
Abbey 104 team
The Abbey 104 team at the main stage on Festive Shopping Day 2022

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